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Pets bring great joy to a family, but they can also be very expensive to care for. Las Vegas Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that in the event that your pet becomes sick or injured, your expenses will be covered. As technology has improved in recent years, so has the overall quality of veterinary care. However, these improvements have resulted in higher costs and tougher decisions for Las Vegas pet owners.

The last thing Las Vegas Pet Insurance wants is for you to have to forgo a potentially life-saving surgery for your family pet, because you cannot afford it. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get Las Vegas Pet Insurance today.

Hereditary & Genetic Pet Coverage

Many companies leave you exposed with no coverage for genetic conditions. We covers them. Hereditary and breed-specific conditions can lie dormant for years and when they do show signs it can be very expensive to treat them. ASPCA does not cover hereditary or genetic conditions and VPI has limited coverage

Per-Incident Limits Pet Insurance

An incident is any accident or illness and per-incident limits restrict the overall amount you can be reimbursed. Some pet insurance plans require you to meet a deductible for each incident and place a maximum on the how much you can get back per incident. ASPCA has per-incident limits. Las Vegas Pet Insurance does not limit you per incident. See table below.

Alternative Therapies Pet Insurance

Our pet insurance plans cover alternative therapies and rehabilitation. You don't pay any extra for this coverage, it's included in every plan. VPI and ASPCA do not cover alternative therapies, leaving you without a choice in your pet’s care and recovery. Here are some of the treatments Embrace covers: Chiropractics, Acupuncture, Homeopathic and Holistic.


Reimbursement Method

There's more to pet insurance than just your premium. If you want a large portion of your vet bills covered then you need to pick the right sort of plan. At Las Vegas Pet Insurance, all of our plans reimburse your claim as a percentage of your actual vet bill so you always get more back. Stay away from companies that use a benefit schedule (like VPI) or that only pay Usual, Customary & Reasonable charges (like ASPCA).

Wellness & Routine Care Pet Coverage

Embrace’s Wellness Rewards is a stand-alone routine care plan to help you pay for regular visits to your vet. If your vet charges $100 for a puppy wellness visit, that’s how much Embrace will reimburse. With VPI and ASPCA you’ll get less back because they cap all wellness payments even before you’d hit your maximum wellness payout.


Independent Customer Rating

Want to know why we are consistently rated one of the best pet insurance companies in Las Vegas? Then get the scoop on what pet parents really think about Las Vegas Pet Insurance over at . Reviews are completed by actual pet insurance users and Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10. Why settle for less?

Extra Fees

Don’t be nickel and dimed with extra fees. VPI has a $2 monthly payment fee and requires two months payment up front. ASPCA has a $10.50 signup fee and recurring annual fee. For multi-pet households these fees really add up.


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